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Eco green modern industrial and stylish cat furniture. Cat tested and approved ... MEOW!

Eco Friendly


For a cleaner environment and healthy lifestyle

Non Toxic


No glues, out-gassing chemicals, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). No standard carpet, velcro or other petroleum based materials

Flat Scratcher

Non Toxic

Non Toxic

$149.00 Retail
$119.00 Summer SALE

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  • Ships free to California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada.
  • Additional shipping per time zone, continental USA:
          Free - Pacific. Discounted: $10 Mountain, $15 Central, $20 Eastern. All others, please inquire.

  • Replaceable sisal scratching surface, use just about any material, make it a kitten bed.
  • NO use of toxic carpet, glues or petroleum based velcro. No messy cardboard.
  • Sample of organic catnip included with every order.
  • Modern industrial design that's built to last, these are not going to wear out on your and your cat.
  • Beautiful, high grade brushed stainless steel. 100% recyclable.
  • Ships ready to go with sisal scratching surface and cork padded feet..
  • Affordably priced based on manufacturing costs (*subject to slight adjustments).
  • Wall mountable (contact us first to help).
  • Handcrafted and made LOCALLY in the United States of America.

  • Visit our: FAQ + Q&A –
    To learn More about the stainless steel Flat Scratcher

    Keeping one step ahead of the rest of the world has been my motto. I'm a cat guy who understands our finicky felines. The FAQ + Q&A discuss the product design and some other tid bits. Come join the modern feline revolution ...
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    Unique modern design & Proudly Handcrafted in America

    One product at a time. Locally sourced materials support our neighborhood economy. Clean, non toxic and non outgassing materials. Stylish industrial construction.

    FAQ + Q&A PAGE

    Eco-Green + sample envelope of USDA organic catnip

    We consistently strive to make products that are in harmony with the environment and planet. Now shipping with a free sample envelope of USDA organic catnip.

    FAQ + Q&A PAGE

    The stainless steel flat scratcher

    Industrial modern design - Built by creative and friendly people who love and understand pets, especially cats. Our principles and ideas revolve around decades of experience working with felines of just about every age and other cat people. We are inspired by them, embracing their behaviours and needs with products that are thoughtful and functional. Maintaining a balance with the environment is mandatory, we only use materials that are safe and truly green.

    Stylish Industrial Modern Design


    ECO Green


    FAQ - For all your Q&A

    Flat Scratcher